About Us

Nganoh was founded and established by Kadia Soulemane in 2020. Nganoh’s mission is to foster self-expression, inclusion, pride, community, and joy through the vibrancy of our African fashions that marry cultural heritage with innovation, style with comfort. Nganoh exists to exemplify and further the unique aesthetic splendor that is woven into African clothing and accessories, making the beauty--and community--of Africa available to all. Whether flowing on a dress along a Senegali Beach, or emblazoned across a snowboard carving its way down a Colorado mountain, our designs are sure to bring even greater splendor and joy to our diverse and breathtaking world! 

Nganoh celebrates all of Africa, in space and time. Our pieces are sourced from locations throughout Africa, Europe, and the United States, bringing unique styles and tastes from across the continent--and around the world--into a single collection. Each piece of Nganoh merchandise has been hand-selected for its sophisticated craftsmanship of high-quality materials whose joyous and elegant designs celebrate the breadth of Africa: Its glorious past, its transformative present, its unlimited future... and the beauty and spirit that weave them together!

Nganoh is a brand rooted in joy and community because African culture is rooted in joy and community. Just as our apparel is infused with the essence of Africa, so too are the actions our company takes. We strive to give our shoppers and wearers the same feeling of communal support we at Nganoh were given by our African community. Ours is a mission of joy and togetherness.

Our desire is to aid people in looking and feeling their best while promoting inclusion and respect. Our global community thrives when culture, art, and people are seen and respected in such a way as to ensure that innovation and growth are a celebration of where we have been, where we are, and where we want to go. Our merchandise displays the timeless beauty of African style in modern, innovative designs that celebrate Africa and the wearer. When you wear our products, you wear the joy of Africa. A joy that burns so intensely as to ensure it will spark your own!


“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same” 

 -Nelson Mandela


We hope to adorn our customers in the light of Africa, in the spirit that holds the strength and pride that demands we let our own lights shine. And in so doing, allows our world to shine. 


I am Kadia Soulemane, the owner of Nganoh. I lived in Senegal, a country on the west coast of Africa, until I was 15.  Since then, I have lived with my family in the Vail Valley, amidst the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains. The passion, light, love, and communal spirit of Africa has never left me. I have found that African art, and for me, specifically African fashion, allows me to keep the passion of Africa alive in my heart. It allows me to dress myself in joy and comfort; I am wrapped in community and love, showing my heart to the world through my clothes. 


This is why I have launched Nganoh: to bring that joy, pride, and sense of self and community to others. I have named my company after my great-grandmother Nganoh who embodied the spirit of Africa. She was warm, vibrant, and radiated such love that every person she came into contact with felt themselves a member of her family. That is what I wish to do with Nganoh: spread joy, individuality, and togetherness through affordable, luxurious African fashions. Nganoh is a way for me to bring my grandmother’s spirit, and the love of my homeland, to others through access to high-end fashion pieces that are authentically African, undeniably beautiful, and radiantly joyous. 


This company allows me to stay connected with my heritage while expressing myself and my joy as I follow my passions. I hope that all those who wear our products are able to find that most joyous intersection of cultural pride, heritage, community, and freedom of self-expression.