About Us

Founded by entrepreneur Kadia Soulemane in 2020, Nganoh is an upscale, online fashion boutique whose sole mission is to foster self-expression, inclusion, pride, community, and joy through the vibrancy of our African fashions.  Our eccentric designs flawlessly blend culture and heritage with innovation and elevate style and comfort.  We strive to both epitomize and accentuate the stunning aesthetic splendor woven into our luxury apparel and sophisticated accessories.
Nganoh is a versatile collection comprised of exquisite textiles and garments sourced from gifted artisans across Africa, as well as African designers living in Europe and the United States.  It’s African chic meets the savoir-vivre of Colorado living!  Every piece has been passionately hand-chosen for world-class craftsmanship and superior materials.  We offer an indulgent experience that is attainable by everyday people because everyone deserves to express themselves with such panache.
Our brand is rooted in joy and community, the same things that form the foundation of culture.  Under this philosophy, we view all of our customers as members of the Nganoh family.  This means that your satisfaction is our top priority and that we extend our dedicated support and sincere gratitude for your involvement in our fashion-driven community.  We are here to celebrate life, love, and togetherness!
Nganoh aspires to deliver breathtaking style and renewed confidence to our patrons while passionately promoting equality, inclusion, and respect for all.  When culture, art, and people are both seen and valued, the global community flourishes – and this is where our brand’s most cherished hopes and greatest dreams lie.  We believe that collective growth is the only way to make this happen, which is why the beauty of diversity is so important to us.
Adorned in our sensational, modern garb, one is enveloped in the spirit of Africa and ignited by the freedom of the soaring Rocky Mountains.  Nganoh brings a level of strength and pride that demands we uncover the fire within us and allow it to shine bright.  For when we do, the whole world becomes illuminated.
As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”
-Nelson Mandela
Attention, Colorado residents and visitors!  Nganoh is now doing pop-up events and trunk shows at various locations.  Don’t miss your chance to experience our brand in person!  Keep an eye on our socials for the latest news and developments.



I am Kadia Soulemane, the passionate visionary behind Nganoh.  I am originally from Senegal, a West African nation, where I lived until I was fifteen-years-old.  That’s when my family relocated to Colorado’s gorgeous Vail Valley in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains.  Although I am madly in love with this place that I now call home, I carry in my heart the enchantment, passion, vitality, and communal spirit of Africa every day.

The culture and tradition that saturate African art inspire me – especially in fashion.  When dressed in these joys and comforts, I feel swaddled in community and love.  To express what lies at the center of my heart through my clothing is an art form that truly sparks my creativity.  I launched this brand to share with others this blissful part of my identity.

“Nganoh” was the nickname bestowed upon my beloved Great-Grandmother, a remarkable character who fully and genuinely embodied the spirit of Africa.  She was a warm, vibrant, and uplifting woman who spread unconditional love to all she encountered, making them feel as though they, too, were a member of her family.  I aim to achieve the same effect with my culture-rich apparel, spreading elation, individuality, and togetherness through luxury African fashion.  In this way, I hope to keep Nganoh’s spirit and legacy alive, one infused with my homeland’s earnest, age-old messages.