Behold the Healing Power of Vivacious Fashion

Behold the Healing Power of Vivacious Fashion

Most people don’t see color as medicine.  However, for some, like Quána Madison, it is.  It enables her to express her individuality and creative nature and raises her spirits, filling her with joy despite the challenges she faces.  What this talented visionary may not have expected is how the colors she dons affect the people around her, too.


Quána is a multi-talented spark of energy carrying the titles of artist, model, philanthropist, advocate, mindfulness teacher, healing arts workshop facilitator, self-leadership coach, and inspiring SURVIVORShe is also a fashion show producer and is a part of the production teams for Fashion West and Denver Fashion Week. Amidst her Ph.D. work, she encountered complex health issues that nearly claimed her life.  She was met with an alarming “previvor” diagnosis based on early warning signs and genetic testing that confirmed she carried the BRCA1, ATM, and NBN genetic mutations known to cause breast, ovarian, and uterine cancers.


A series of serious surgeries and procedures ensued.  Some of them resulted in severe, near-fatal complications.  At one point, Ms. Madison had an out-of-body experience that became the catalyst for her metamorphosis, restoring her faith in both herself and her spirituality.


Determined to overcome and grow from these experiences, she turned to the arts, mindfulness, community, elevated wellness practices, and unconditional self-love and acceptance to carry her through these ongoing physical hardships and resultant mental health challenges.  Embracing the healing power of color became one of her go-to methods for a powerful mood boost.  She incorporated it in as many places as she could, from her soulful paintings to her unique garb, accessories, and all across her slice of reality.


When Quána encountered the African-inspired vibrancy that was Kadia Soulemane’s brand, Nganoh, it was love at first sight.  The textiles, designs, colors, and blissful, free spirit vibes enveloped much of what defined this healing arts master’s approach to a more peaceful and authentic existence.  Through wearing these brilliant ensembles, she also discovered their joyful infectiousness, receiving a flood of cheery compliments everywhere she went – proof of color’s therapeutic benefits.


“As an artist, I love sharing art that inspires me. Fashion is such a powerful arts medium where the right dress, outfit, or accessory can be a wearable mudra of joy, personal expression, and self-confidence,” Madison explains.


Her words echo Kadia’s vision for Nganoh.  She hopes every garment will bring an incredible burst of happiness to its wearer, one which radiates outward and consumes all exposed to it through interaction or mere passing observance.  The stars were aligned when Quána became one of Kadia’s very first customers, solidifying for the entrepreneur that her intentions for her venture had successfully manifested in its meaningful fashion collection.


Quana Madison as the author of LoSing Strength & Dexterity and an artist represented by the firm, ArtLifting.  You can also view her work at her personal website.  Be sure to stay up to date with Quana’s latest by connecting with her Instagram: @quana.madison

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